"Dear Jo and Al,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my SCR feeding program!  I rode my 9yr old gelding in 2 FEI dressage classes each day last weekend.  (Something that is A-typical because it is considered quite taxing for the horse)  He qualified for regionals with energy and stamina to spare! Plus, his coat, weight and muscle tone are impeccable. Everyone was asking what I am feeding and I told them, Seminole Senior, beet pulp and New Mexico Alfalfa from SCR!"
~C. Quinn, Labelle Fl
This champion halter colt was grown on SCR Alfalfa!
Cherokeokid - Owned by J.Lovelace

Miss Ace of Spades - Purchased from SCR - Owned by M. Raux - Winning The "Extreme Cowboy Race"

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Watchin Red Buck
1D Barrel Racing Champion
Dash For Cash 1D Saddle Winner

Wellness Perform Safe
Washington State Timothy Hay

Hankins Golen Crow
Youth 2D Champion
Dash For Cash Buckle Winner

Wellness Compete Safe
Compressed Western  Alfalfa
At NBHA State 2011

Seminole Senior
New Mexico Alfalfa
To me sweet cypress is the number 1 feed store...in sw Florida. Al Curry and his feed store family ..treated me like family.. they have great old time customer service. And Jose at the ft Myers location is extremely helpful and polite.Never hesitates to answer any questions. Ive been a customer happily for almost a year and a half. And wouldn't recommend any where else .I feel at sweet cypress I am veiwed as a person not dollar bills. Not to many places you can go and they greet u by name and ask u about your day. Or know exactly what kind of feed u need off the top of their head.Keep up the good work AL. You run a great bussiness and on a good ethic..you guys will always have me as a customer. - Melaney Mitcheff

"You can't find anyplace better for feed, hay, supplements, products, barn, arena, and not to mention the customer service is beyond expectations. These folks are real genuine people who understand Great horsemanship. Love me some SCR♥"  Betsy Cox
"This is my horse Booger. 8 minutes after dosing him with SAY WHOA! for colic he was up and grazing! Like I said.... GEICO can save you 15% off your car insurance in 15 minutes. Al Curry and his crew at Sweet Cypress Ranch saved me a farm call and a vet bill in 8! Its been 2 hours now and he's just fine! Thank you again SCR I'll be back for a refill to keep in the barn! Most definitely worth it!"  Kathryn Waters