We are proud to be an authorized dealer for the SweetPro line of premium supplements. SweetPro has individual supplements designed  to support all livestock.  "It will complement forages, improve appearance, increase performance and enhance immune function through better feed utilization."
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Umbuzi Goat Dairy in Ft. Myers, Florida uses SweetPro blocks and Fresh Start with its dairy herd. Herd health, milk production and kidding have all improved along with a 25% increase in feed efficiency. SweetPro has helped Umbuzi reach good profitability.

Ronnie Stewart, 2012 President of the Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) explains how he uses EquiPride and EquiLix to help mares conceive easier, stallions to become more fertile (and restart their career) and young horses to avoid OCD and produce a good sound foot. He goes on to explain how EquiPride helps a horse to enjoy good sound health.