Whether he's your high performance partner or an old friend...Doesn't your horse deserve the best? At Sweet Cypress Ranch, we believe all horses deserve the best we can give.  That's why we offer the full line of Seminole, Triple Crown, Southern States brand feed, as well as premium grown hays.  Good nutrition means your horse feels his best.  When he feels well he can give you his best, whether in competition or while taking your child on a trail ride.   Good quality hay and feed means potentially fewer emergency vet visits each year, and better hoof health, which saves you money!  Please click on the links for detailed nutrition information. We carry various brands of premium shavings as well as compressed wood pellets, a clean, low waste alternative to traditional shavings.
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Ask about our hay houses, great for keeping your big, compressed bales high and dry! $590
Ohio O&A
Tifton 85. Great for horse or cow.
We carry 53 different horse feeds, 28 different hays and 9 different beddings.
Fertilized Jigs - Great for Cows Goats and horses
T & A cubes WHC $ 11.95 
Alfalfa cubes WHC $ 10.95 
Alfalfa Pellets Stanlee $ 12.95
New hay cubes starting at $10.95 per bag
New Alfalfa pellets $12.95
1400lb copressed alfalfa. This is all your horse needs to thrive!
Green! copressed 80lb alfalfa
Green! copressed 80lb alfalfa
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