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Product List
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IDAHO Pasture Blocks
Alfalfa, Large Compressed 1100#
Orchard/Alfalfa, Large Compressed 1100#
Alfalfa, Medium Compressed 550#
Orchard/Alfalfa, Medium Compressed 550#

NORTHERN Square Bales
T&A 1st Cut 45#
T&A 2nd Cut 45#
Timothy 2 String 55#
Timothy 3 String 110#
Orchard 2 String 55#
Orchard 3 String 55#
O&A 2 String 60#
Alfalfa 2 String 60#
Alfalfa 3 String 120#

FLORIDA Square Bales
Perennial Peanut 

FLORIDA Round Bales
Tift 44  750#
Hermathria  650#
Pangola  650#

Alfalfa Cubes 50#
Alfalfa Mini Cubes 50#
T&A Cubes 50#
O&A Mini Cubes 50#
Timothy Balancer Cubes 50#
SS Safe Starch 
SS Alfa-Lox
Hay For Sale
Calm & Cool Mix (Aqua)
Compete Safe Mix(Pink)
Equi-Safe Forage
Grow Right Textured
Perform Safe Pellet
Safe & Lite Pellet (yellow)
Show and Sport
Wellness Victory 12%
Gold Chance 12+
Gold Chance HE
Ultra Dynamix Pellet
Blue Ribbon 10
Blue Ribbon 12
Blue Ribbon 14
Blue Ribbon HE
Cattle Grow 50#
Mare and Foal Sweet
Plantation 10 All Grain
Pro Plus 12 Sweet
Seminole Senior Formula 14%
Show Formula (Perfect 10)
Stable Mix Sweet
Beet Pulp 40# w/molasses
Beet Pulp 40# w/o molasses
Flax Seed, Ground, 50#
Flax Seed, Whole, 5#
Flax Seed, Whole, 50#
Oats, Equavena Hulless 50#
Oats, Race Horse whole
Oats, steamed/rolled-Groats
Oats,steamed crimped, 50lb bag
Alfalfa Balancer 25# Loose
Blocks 4# RED
Equalizer 40#
Grass Balancer 25# Block
Grass Balancer 25# loose
Molasses 5 gal
Ultra Bloom 40#
Hay Products
Alfalfa Cubes Seminole
Alfalfa Pellets Seminole
Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes, Seminole
Lucerne High Fiber Gold
PDZ Sweet Granular
Straw 46#
Specialty Feeds
BKY-Gro n Win Pellets, 32%
CATT, Calf Manna 50#
CATT, Calf Manna, 25#
DOG, Food, Chic & R 40#
SWINE, Pot Bellied Pig 20#
Seminole Store Stock
Adams Flea & Tick 6oz
Adams Flea & Tick 12oz
Apple Elite Electrolytes 20 lb
Apple Elite Electrolytes 5 lb
CB Animal Shampoo 32 oz
Corn Oil 1 gal
Rice Bran Oil  1 gal
DOG, Maint 50# 21/12
DOG, Perform 50# 26/18
Foal Aide Paste Tube
SALT, 4#, White
SALT, Well Water
Selenium & Vitamin E
WORMER-Strongid C 2X 10#
WORMER, Ivermec Paste
Feed Saver Sweet 10%
All Purpose 12%
Top Choice Show Beef Max
C700 Calf Start  Med 50#
Buckaroo Cow Cube
Cubes 20%
PDQ Sel. Max Breeder 5500
Range 5600
Eco Phos Breeders 2-4oz  5303
Select 20, All Nat, 250#  6628
PDQ 20% 24oz/day  5410
PDQ Range IGR Fly Cont50#  6300
PDQ Range Minl 50# Sel.Max  5428
Select 25% Tub, 250#  6627
Select 7% 5601
Cattle Mineral, 50# red blk
Salt Block 50#
Sulfur Salt Block 50#
Salt Mixing, 50#
CHICK Game Bird Breeder 16%
CHICK,  Laying Pellets, 40#
CHICK, Laying Krum, 40#
CHICK, Oyster Shell Special Pullet
CHICK, Scratch, 3-Grain
CHICK, Starter Grower Krum, 40#
Pen Pals Game Bird  Conditioner Crum
GOAT,  Pellets, 16%
GOAT, Dairy  Feed
Barley Rolled
Corn Cracked
Corn Whole
Milo, 50#
Oats Whole
Oats Crimped
Oats Rolled
Soybean Meal 48%
Soybean Whole, 50#
Wheat Bran, 50#
Wheat Whole, 50#
Grower Finisher
Showtec Starter Grower
Lean-Vantage Show Med
Alpaca Llama SE 15 EWE
Cat Proud Paws,  20# 30/20
Dog Proud Paws 27/18
Rabbit PP Prof, 16%
Worm & Cricket
Diatomaceous Earth
Lime, Hydrated, 50#
Mineral Oil, 1 gl

SS:Horse:Legends Balancer
SS:Horse:Legends Gastrotech Supplement
SS:Horse:Legends Growth Pellet
SS:Horse:Legends Growth Textured
SS:Horse:Legends Omega Plus
SS:Horse:Legends Performance 
SS:Horse:Legends Race & Compete
SS:Horse:Legends Rice Bran Pellet
SS:Horse:Legends Senior
SS:Horse:Legends Show & Pleasure
SS:Horse:Legends Sport Horse Plus Textured
SS:Horse:Legends Sport Horse Textured
SS:Horse:Magnesium Oxide
SS:Horse:Magnesium Oxide 5# Bag
SS:Horse:Select Plus Pelleted
SS:Horse:Select Plus Textured
SS:Horse:SS Equi-Min Horse Mineral 25#
SS:Horse:SS Fiber Plus
SS:Horse:SS Hay Stretcher
SS:Horse:SS Reliance 12-6P
SS:Horse:SS Reliance 12-6T
SS:Horse:SS Solution 14P
SS:Horse:SS Triple 10 T
SS:Horse:Timothy Balanced Cubes 50#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown 12% Lite Pellet
SS:Horse:Triple Crown 30% Sup
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Alfa-Lox
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Chopped Grass Forage 40#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Growth T
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Low Starch P
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Omega Max 25#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Safe Starch
SS:Horse:Triple Crown SR
SS:Horse:Triple Crown TLC Pellet
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Training Formula
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Treats 2# 
SS:Cattle Feed:14% Jump Start Cattle BVT
SS:Cattle Feed:37% Protein Block for Cattle 33#
SS:Cattle Feed:Beef Commodity Blend
SS:Cattle Feed:Calf Maker MP 25#
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Beef Mineral
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Beef Mineral with Altosid
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Pride WS Mineral
SS:Cattle Feed:Maxi-Calf AP w/BVT/CF 25#
SS:Cattle Feed:Select Stock Pellet
SS:Cattle Feed:Select Stock Textured
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 12% Bull Test BVT 50#
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 20% Beef Range Cube w/Urea
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 24% Molasses Cattle Tub
SS:Cattle Feed:SS CTL Pride Fly STOP Hi Mag
Tradition Chick Starter/Grower 50#
Tradition Egg Layer Pellet 50#
Tradition Egg Layer Crumbles 50#
Southern States 3 Grain Scratch 50#
Rockin Rooster Growth Booster 50#
Rockin Rooster Prem. 5 Scratch 50#
Hog FD Pellet
Sow & Pig Ration 20%
SS Premium Rabbit Food 50#
SS Premium Rabbit Food 25#
Traditional 16% Rabbit 50#
SS Whole Corn
SS Cracked Corn
SS Crimped Oats
Hi-Pro Soybean Meal
Cotton Seed Meal 50#
SS Wheat Bran 50#
SS Beet Pulp w/ Molasses 40#
SS Beet Pulp w/o Mollasses 50#
SS Puppy- Advanced 28/18 20#
SS Puppy- Advanced 28/18 40#
SS Dog- Advanced Sport 24-20 40#
SS Dog- Complete Sport 24-20 40#
SS Dog- Complete Active 27-15 40#
SS Dog Food 21/9 50#
SS Cat Food 31-10 18#
Derby Gold Premium,7.0 CF
Derby Gold Blended, 6.0 CF
Derby Gold Fine,  5.5 CF
Queen Easy Sift
Queen Blended
Guardian Pine Pellets

Acti-Flex 4000, Qt
Acti-Flex Powder, 5#
Flexibility, qt
Gain Weight, 8#
Gastroade Extra, 32ml
Gastroade tube, 60 ml
Hoof Secret, 9#
Perk-A-Hoof, quart
Perk A Lyte, 40#
Perk-A-Lyte, 20#
Perk-A-Lyte, 5#
Perktone, Gal
Sand Free, 25#
Sand Free, 9#
Sand Free, 5#
Stop the Pain tube
Stop The Pain-STP, Qt
Stop the Pain-STP, Gal
Stop the Pain, 60ml
Other Items
Alushield Aerosol Bandage
Anihist Powder
Anti Fungal Shampoo
CoFlex 4" Bandage
Corona Ointment
Cydectin Pour On, 500ml
Show Sheen
Histall Antihistamine, pwd, 20-oz
Iverchoice Paste, tube
Kaolin Pectin Suspension
Keratex Hoof Hardener..
Mineral Oil
Nitrofurazone Dressing
One AC
Permectrin II, Qt
ProBios Equine One Gel 30cc
Psyllium SandPurge Pel 10#
Psyllium SandPurge Pel 20#
Pyranha Insect Aerosol
Pyranha Wipe N Spray, qt
Quest Plus Gel
Strongid C2x, 10#
Strongid C2X, 50#
Swat Fly Ointment Clear, 6-oz
Syringe, 12cc
Syringe, 35cc
Syringe, 6cc
Thia Cal B1 Supplement
U-7 Gastric  Aide
Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment
Wonder Dust Wound Powder, 4-oz
Wahna Win Professional
Gallon Coat Conditioner
Quart Coat Conditioner
Fly Spray
Bleeder Stop 2lb
Muscle Breathing 30 day 
10/day cold flu injuries 
Jailbreak Stomach Calm 
O2 by Oxy-Gen
Oxy Max 50#
Oxy sheen 1.88 lb
Electrolyes ProBios Breathing 0911
Oxy-Calm Calming Supplement for All Show Animals 
Weight Muscle 91.11
Oxy-Gen Performance Mare 20#
Oxy-Mare (Equine 7 100cc Black Tube)
Oxy-Max 24# Black Pail
Oxy-Silver 100cc
Performance Gold Focus 80cc Tube
Performance Gold Rush 80cc Tube
Performance Mare Product 60 Day, 7.5# Bag
Relax by Oxy-Gen
Sum Pig 15lb Pail
Sum Pig 45lb
Sum Pig 5lb
Horse Feed
Tribute:Horse Feed:15% Optum Bronze Maintenance
Tribute:Horse Feed:Right Choice Accelerate 
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute 12-8 Horse Mineral 25lb
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Equi-Ferm XL
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Essential K
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Essential K GC Plus
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute K Finish
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm N EZ
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm N EZ PL GC MSM
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm Ultra 
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Maturity
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Maturity GC
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Opti-Ferm Equi-lix 40lb Tub
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Performance Advantage
Tribute:Misc:Barley, Steam Rolled 50#
Tribute:Misc:Beet Pulp 40# w/molasses
Tribute:Misc:Cool Calories 100 20lb
Tribute:Misc:Cool Omega 40 20lb
Tribute:Misc:Oats Racehorse Whole Kalmbach
Tribute:Misc:Oats Steamed/Rolled Groats
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Apple 3#
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Banana 3#
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Peppermint 3#
Tribute:Misc:Tribute 16% All Natural Rabbit Pellets
Tribute:Misc:Tribute 22% Broiler Chick Starter/Grower 50#
Tribute:Misc:Tribute Layer Crumble
Tribute:Misc:Wheat Bran 25#
Tribute:Misc:Wheat Bran 50#
dac Bloom 20lb 
dac Bloom 40# 
dac Bloom 5lb 
dac Calm B 5# 
dac Calm B Paste 
dac Digestive Feed Additive (DDA) 5# 
dac Mare Relieve 
dac Oil 38# 
dac Oil 7.5lb
dac Orange Superior 
dac Race Booster Paste 
dac Racing Formula 5# 
dac Total Performance Plus 5# 
dac Yucca 5# 
Morinda Brace 16oz 
* * Please note that we carry a FULL line of DAC products, those listed are what we regularly keep in stock.
ADM:All grain 10% ADM
ADM:All Stock 11% pellets ADM:Egg Maker Crumble ADM:Egg Maker Pellet ADM:Growstrong Mineral 25Lb bag ADM:Growstrong Quad BLK 25lb ADM:Instant Suckle
ADM:Junior Glo
ADM:Manna Pro 11% Sweet Pellet
ADM:Manna Pro Chick Starter Medicated 
ADM:Moormans Showtec BB 18LN ADM:Moormans Showtec HighFat LN ADM:Power Glo
ADM:Senior Weight Accelerator ADM:Showtec best pig 263 ADM:Showtec Developer LN 10194AE ADM:Showtec Moorfat 20Lb ADM:Showtech Finisher Ty/Paylean ADM:Showtech Lean Maximizer 25# ADM:Sweet 10 hi-fat
ADM:Sweet 10 textured
ADM:Ultra Fiber
ADM:Ziplock Showtec 263
OE Nutraceuticals
OE Align 25lbs Store Stock OE OE Align 50lb Sack Store Stock 
OE Bo's Secret
OE Composed 
OE Flex
OE Nutraceuticals
OE Game Changer 
OE Gastro Shield 
OE Hoof Evolution 3.125lbs
OE Nitro
OE Revive
OE Wind