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Product List
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IDAHO Pasture Blocks
Alfalfa, Large Compressed 1100#
Orchard/Alfalfa, Large Compressed 1100#
Alfalfa, Medium Compressed 550#
Orchard/Alfalfa, Medium Compressed 550#

NORTHERN Square Bales
T&A 1st Cut 45#
T&A 2nd Cut 45#
Timothy 2 String 55#
Timothy 3 String 110#
Orchard 2 String 55#
Orchard 3 String 55#
O&A 2 String 60#
Alfalfa 2 String 60#
Alfalfa 3 String 120#

FLORIDA Square Bales
Coastal 55#
Jiggs 55#
Pangola 55#
Perennial Peanut 50#

FLORIDA Round Bales
Tift 44  750#
Jiggs  650#
Coastal  650#
Hermathria  650#
Pangola  650#

Alfalfa Cubes 50#
Alfalfa Mini Cubes 50#
T&A Cubes 50#
O&A Mini Cubes 50#
Timothy Balancer Cubes 50#
SS Safe Starch 
SS Alfa-Lox
Hay For Sale
Calm & Cool Mix (Aqua)
Compete Safe Mix(Pink)
Equi-Safe Forage
Grow Right Textured
Perform Safe Pellet
Safe & Lite Pellet (yellow)
Show and Sport
Wellness Victory 12%
Gold Chance 12+
Gold Chance HE
Ultra Dynamix Pellet
Blue Ribbon 10
Blue Ribbon 12
Blue Ribbon 14
Blue Ribbon HE
Cattle Grow 50#
Mare and Foal Sweet
Plantation 10 All Grain
Pro Plus 12 Sweet
Seminole Senior Formula 14%
Show Formula (Perfect 10)
Stable Mix Sweet
Beet Pulp 40# w/molasses
Beet Pulp 40# w/o molasses
Flax Seed, Ground, 50#
Flax Seed, Whole, 5#
Flax Seed, Whole, 50#
Oats, Equavena Hulless 50#
Oats, Race Horse whole
Oats, steamed/rolled-Groats
Oats,steamed crimped, 50lb bag
Alfalfa Balancer 25# Loose
Blocks 4# RED
Equalizer 40#
Grass Balancer 25# Block
Grass Balancer 25# loose
Molasses 5 gal
Ultra Bloom 40#
Hay Products
Alfalfa Cubes Seminole
Alfalfa Pellets Seminole
Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes, Seminole
Lucerne High Fiber Gold
PDZ Sweet Granular
Straw 46#
Specialty Feeds
BKY-Gro n Win Pellets, 32%
CATT, Calf Manna 50#
CATT, Calf Manna, 25#
DOG, Food, Chic & R 40#
SWINE, Pot Bellied Pig 20#
Seminole Store Stock
Adams Flea & Tick 6oz
Adams Flea & Tick 12oz
Apple Elite Electrolytes 20 lb
Apple Elite Electrolytes 5 lb
CB Animal Shampoo 32 oz
Corn Oil 1 gal
Rice Bran Oil  1 gal
DOG, Maint 50# 21/12
DOG, Perform 50# 26/18
Foal Aide Paste Tube
SALT, 4#, White
SALT, Well Water
Selenium & Vitamin E
WORMER-Strongid C 2X 10#
WORMER, Ivermec Paste
Feed Saver Sweet 10%
All Purpose 12%
Top Choice Show Beef Max
C700 Calf Start  Med 50#
Buckaroo Cow Cube
Cubes 20%
PDQ Sel. Max Breeder 5500
Range 5600
Eco Phos Breeders 2-4oz  5303
Select 20, All Nat, 250#  6628
PDQ 20% 24oz/day  5410
PDQ Range IGR Fly Cont50#  6300
PDQ Range Minl 50# Sel.Max  5428
Select 25% Tub, 250#  6627
Select 7% 5601
Cattle Mineral, 50# red blk
Salt Block 50#
Sulfur Salt Block 50#
Salt Mixing, 50#
CHICK Game Bird Breeder 16%
CHICK,  Laying Pellets, 40#
CHICK, Laying Krum, 40#
CHICK, Oyster Shell Special Pullet
CHICK, Scratch, 3-Grain
CHICK, Starter Grower Krum, 40#
Pen Pals Game Bird  Conditioner Crum
GOAT,  Pellets, 16%
GOAT, Dairy  Feed
Barley Rolled
Corn Cracked
Corn Whole
Milo, 50#
Oats Whole
Oats Crimped
Oats Rolled
Soybean Meal 48%
Soybean Whole, 50#
Wheat Bran, 50#
Wheat Whole, 50#
Grower Finisher
Showtec Starter Grower
Lean-Vantage Show Med
Alpaca Llama SE 15 EWE
Cat Proud Paws,  20# 30/20
Dog Proud Paws 27/18
Rabbit PP Prof, 16%
Worm & Cricket
Diatomaceous Earth
Lime, Hydrated, 50#
Mineral Oil, 1 gl

SS:Horse:Legends Balancer
SS:Horse:Legends Gastrotech Supplement
SS:Horse:Legends Growth Pellet
SS:Horse:Legends Growth Textured
SS:Horse:Legends Omega Plus
SS:Horse:Legends Performance 
SS:Horse:Legends Race & Compete
SS:Horse:Legends Rice Bran Pellet
SS:Horse:Legends Senior
SS:Horse:Legends Show & Pleasure
SS:Horse:Legends Sport Horse Plus Textured
SS:Horse:Legends Sport Horse Textured
SS:Horse:Magnesium Oxide
SS:Horse:Magnesium Oxide 5# Bag
SS:Horse:Select Plus Pelleted
SS:Horse:Select Plus Textured
SS:Horse:SS Equi-Min Horse Mineral 25#
SS:Horse:SS Fiber Plus
SS:Horse:SS Hay Stretcher
SS:Horse:SS Reliance 12-6P
SS:Horse:SS Reliance 12-6T
SS:Horse:SS Solution 14P
SS:Horse:SS Triple 10 T
SS:Horse:Timothy Balanced Cubes 50#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown 12% Lite Pellet
SS:Horse:Triple Crown 30% Sup
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Alfa-Lox
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Chopped Grass Forage 40#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Growth T
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Low Starch P
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Omega Max 25#
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Safe Starch
SS:Horse:Triple Crown SR
SS:Horse:Triple Crown TLC Pellet
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Training Formula
SS:Horse:Triple Crown Treats 2# 
SS:Cattle Feed:14% Jump Start Cattle BVT
SS:Cattle Feed:37% Protein Block for Cattle 33#
SS:Cattle Feed:Beef Commodity Blend
SS:Cattle Feed:Calf Maker MP 25#
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Beef Mineral
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Beef Mineral with Altosid
SS:Cattle Feed:CTL Pride WS Mineral
SS:Cattle Feed:Maxi-Calf AP w/BVT/CF 25#
SS:Cattle Feed:Select Stock Pellet
SS:Cattle Feed:Select Stock Textured
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 12% Bull Test BVT 50#
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 20% Beef Range Cube w/Urea
SS:Cattle Feed:SS 24% Molasses Cattle Tub
SS:Cattle Feed:SS CTL Pride Fly STOP Hi Mag
Tradition Chick Starter/Grower 50#
Tradition Egg Layer Pellet 50#
Tradition Egg Layer Crumbles 50#
Southern States 3 Grain Scratch 50#
Rockin Rooster Growth Booster 50#
Rockin Rooster Prem. 5 Scratch 50#
Hog FD Pellet
Sow & Pig Ration 20%
SS Premium Rabbit Food 50#
SS Premium Rabbit Food 25#
Traditional 16% Rabbit 50#
SS Whole Corn
SS Cracked Corn
SS Crimped Oats
Hi-Pro Soybean Meal
Cotton Seed Meal 50#
SS Wheat Bran 50#
SS Beet Pulp w/ Molasses 40#
SS Beet Pulp w/o Mollasses 50#
SS Puppy- Advanced 28/18 20#
SS Puppy- Advanced 28/18 40#
SS Dog- Advanced Sport 24-20 40#
SS Dog- Complete Sport 24-20 40#
SS Dog- Complete Active 27-15 40#
SS Dog Food 21/9 50#
SS Cat Food 31-10 18#
Standlee Blended
Derby Gold Premium,7.0 CF
Derby Gold Blended, 6.0 CF
Derby Gold Fine,  5.5 CF
Suncoast Mini 8 CF
Suncoast Fine Cut Pine
Equine Pine Pelleted
Acti-Flex 4000, Qt
Acti-Flex Powder, 5#
Flexibility, qt
Gain Weight, 8#
Gastroade Extra, 32ml
Gastroade tube, 60 ml
Hoof Secret, 9#
Perk-A-Hoof, quart
Perk A Lyte, 40#
Perk-A-Lyte, 20#
Perk-A-Lyte, 5#
Perktone, Gal
Sand Free, 25#
Sand Free, 9#
Sand Free, 5#
Stop the Pain tube
Stop The Pain-STP, Qt
Stop the Pain-STP, Gal
Stop the Pain, 60ml
Other Items
Alushield Aerosol Bandage
Anihist Powder
Anti Fungal Shampoo
CoFlex 4" Bandage
Corona Ointment
Cydectin Pour On, 500ml
Show Sheen
Histall Antihistamine, pwd, 20-oz
Iverchoice Paste, tube
Kaolin Pectin Suspension
Keratex Hoof Hardener..
Mineral Oil
Nitrofurazone Dressing
One AC
Permectrin II, Qt
ProBios Equine One Gel 30cc
Psyllium SandPurge Pel 10#
Psyllium SandPurge Pel 20#
Pyranha Insect Aerosol
Pyranha Wipe N Spray, qt
Quest Plus Gel
Strongid C2x, 10#
Strongid C2X, 50#
Swat Fly Ointment Clear, 6-oz
Syringe, 12cc
Syringe, 35cc
Syringe, 6cc
Thia Cal B1 Supplement
U-7 Gastric  Aide
Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment
Wonder Dust Wound Powder, 4-oz
Wahna Win Professional
Gallon Coat Conditioner
Quart Coat Conditioner
Fly Spray
Bleeder Stop 2lb
Muscle Breathing 30 day 
10/day cold flu injuries 
Jailbreak Stomach Calm 
O2 by Oxy-Gen
Oxy Max 50#
Oxy sheen 1.88 lb
Electrolyes ProBios Breathing 0911
Oxy-Calm Calming Supplement for All Show Animals 
Weight Muscle 91.11
Oxy-Gen Performance Mare 20#
Oxy-Mare (Equine 7 100cc Black Tube)
Oxy-Max 24# Black Pail
Oxy-Silver 100cc
Performance Gold Focus 80cc Tube
Performance Gold Rush 80cc Tube
Performance Mare Product 60 Day, 7.5# Bag
Relax by Oxy-Gen
Sum Pig 15lb Pail
Sum Pig 45lb
Sum Pig 5lb
Horse Feed
Tribute:Horse Feed:15% Optum Bronze Maintenance
Tribute:Horse Feed:Right Choice Accelerate 
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute 12-8 Horse Mineral 25lb
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Equi-Ferm XL
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Essential K
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Essential K GC Plus
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute K Finish
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm N EZ
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm N EZ PL GC MSM
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Kalm Ultra 
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Maturity
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Maturity GC
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Opti-Ferm Equi-lix 40lb Tub
Tribute:Horse Feed:Tribute Performance Advantage
Tribute:Misc:Barley, Steam Rolled 50#
Tribute:Misc:Beet Pulp 40# w/molasses
Tribute:Misc:Cool Calories 100 20lb
Tribute:Misc:Cool Omega 40 20lb
Tribute:Misc:Oats Racehorse Whole Kalmbach
Tribute:Misc:Oats Steamed/Rolled Groats
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Apple 3#
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Banana 3#
Tribute:Misc:Trib Treats Peppermint 3#
Tribute:Misc:Tribute 16% All Natural Rabbit Pellets
Tribute:Misc:Tribute 22% Broiler Chick Starter/Grower 50#
Tribute:Misc:Tribute Layer Crumble
Tribute:Misc:Wheat Bran 25#
Tribute:Misc:Wheat Bran 50#
dac Bloom 20lb 
dac Bloom 40# 
dac Bloom 5lb 
dac Calm B 5# 
dac Calm B Paste 
dac Digestive Feed Additive (DDA) 5# 
dac Mare Relieve 
dac Oil 38# 
dac Oil 7.5lb
dac Orange Superior 
dac Race Booster Paste 
dac Racing Formula 5# 
dac Total Performance Plus 5# 
dac Yucca 5# 
Morinda Brace 16oz 
* * Please note that we carry a FULL line of DAC products, those listed are what we regularly keep in stock.